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profiel walter kuylen

Walter Kuylen

Nowadays Walter Kuylen is the Managing Director of Kuylen, Pecqueur & partners BVBA.

Walter Kuylen used to be Administrator – Managing Director of Citensy NV, a subsidiary of Electrabel NV and Distrigas NV. In this function he was, among other things, responsible for promoting alternative fuels. Under his supervision the current natural gas stations were built in Flanders. He was also Secretary-General of Febupro (Federatie Butaan Propaan) with a special interest in the development of alternative fuels.

He obtained a Licentiate degree in Law and a Bachelor in Applied Economic Sciences at Antwerp University, and a Master’s degree in Internal Auditing at the Institute for Postgraduate Education in Antwerp.

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profiel mark pecqueurMark Pecqueur

Mark Pecqueur is lecturer and vehicle technology researcher at Thomas More university college. Apart from that he is:

  • the sole Belgian member of the SAE (society of automotive engineers) European Advisory council
  • chairman of the electric vehicle safety commission for the NBN
  • motor and vehicle expert

He paved the way for two patents, which are still being perfected and which are related to the use of hydrogen. He wrote several scientific studies concerning vehicle emissions:

  • SAE 200808CV0023 Emissions generated from a Suzuki Liane running on unleaded gasoline and LPG under the same load conditions; M. Pecqueur, K. Ceustermans, P. Huyskens, D. Savvidis
  • SAE200808SFL0045 A new Volvo V702.5 and an old Ford Escort 1.6 were tested and compared on a chassis dynamometer, using the same blends of frying biodiesel and neat diesel; D. Savvidis, V. Grammatikis, J. Triandafyllis, Georgios Gkatzianis, M. Pecqueur
  • SAE 2007012022 measuring the performance and the enviromental effects of fourstroke diesel engines operated on the same plant oil methylester mixtures in two laboratories; D. Savvidis, V. Grammatikis, J. Triandafyllis, M. Pecqueur, F. Vosniakos
  • Fresenius environmental bulletin volume 15 No 8b 2006 Fourstroke diesel engines operated on plant oil methylester mixturesperformance and environmental effects; D. Savvidis, V. Grammatikis, J. Triandafyllis, M. Pecqueur, F. Vosniakos, A. Kelesis

Mark Pecqueur obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive technology at the Higher Institute Cardinal Mercier and a Master’s degree in Electronics at the Catholic Industrial University College in Antwerp. When it comes to vehicle technology he is an esteemed guest speaker on television and radio shows.

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