Kuylen, Pecqueur & partners bvba act in the field of vehicle technology as experts and INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS in disputes, claims or other situations, where both the technological and the legal aspect are addressed. (a.o. Dieselgate)
For years we have been gathering considerable expertise, academically underpinned.

Autonomous vehicles

At CES, the largest technology tradeshow in the world, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announced that Nissan would be the first to bring a fully autonomous vehicle on the market in 2020. Driving without a driver is no longer a dream: it will be tomorrow’s reality.autonoom

But what are the opportunities for your company, and what should you look out for? What investments are sensible, and which should be avoided at all cost? There is no ready-made solution and everything depends to a great extent on your company or organisation.

Kuylen, Pecqueur & Partners can elaborate a plan on the basis of a thorough analysis of your mobility needs in order to guide your company into the autonomous future. From an analysis and a plan, to a complete roll-out and implementation: Kuylen, Pecqueur & Partners offer you a solution made-to-measure for all your wishes and needs.